Their matching outfits are everything.

So who’s going to watch the reunion? I had no idea yesterday was the season finally! Sundy is.. I think she’s horrible, I love Malaysia so much of course. I don’t know.. I’m kind of uninterested now that bae quit but I’m really excited to learn the details to Draya’s reality television series. Draya will not be on the reunion but she does have an interview with Shaunie O’Neal in her lliving room that will be aired soon so look out for that because I’ll keep you guys updated.

How do y’all feel about this?

Anonymous asked: Lol so I was bored and I started watching the first season of bbwla and i think it was the 2nd episode when draya told the girls she used to be a stripper (jackie was there) and then i remember in the 3rd season sundy was like "draya was a stripper bla bla her name was miami and shit" and then jackie acted all shocked and she was like "whaaaat??!! Omg" when she already knew about all of that since the 1st season. I'm starting to think that old bitch might be suffering from dementia

LMFAO I AM CRYING!!!!! Yaaassss I was looking over the past few seasons an I realized the same thing, smh.

Anonymous asked: What's Draya's full name?

Andraya Michele Howard

My goal is 10k! I’m almost there, you guys are amazing but I wished you asked more questions. I’m more than willing to answer anything. 😊💋

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